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Cover of book "The Constitution Has Expired" featuring a burned-out candle

The Constitution Has Expired

A novel. Really. Probably.

By John Boykin


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“The idea is phenomenal, and the story is fascinating.”

—Ambassador Thomas J. Miller, former US ambassador to Greece

“This is a brilliant novel. I loved the intelligent work behind it all and the wry humor throughout.”

—Loretta Tofani, Pulitzer Prize-winning former reporter for The Washington Post

“In a chilling twist on It Can’t Happen Here, John Boykin imagines the complete collapse of America’s constitutional system. With a taut narrative and eye for political nuance, he takes the reader on a nail-biting odyssey to an inspired, unexpected solution.”

—Susan Wels, best-selling author of An Assassin in Utopia

Portraits of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington


Fact: Thomas Jefferson said the US Constitution should expire when the last Founder died.

Fact: George Washington expected it to last no more than 20 years.

What if they were right? What if the Founders had put in an expiration date–that only just now came to light? What if the US had to hammer out a whole new constitution today? Who could get that done without this factious country imploding?


Sample chapters 1-3 (PDF)

Audiobook sample chapters 1-2 narrated by Brian Pederson (MP3)


John Boykin has been a writer and editor at Stanford Magazine, Wadsworth Publishing, and Krames Communication.

His prior book was One Brief Miracle: The Diplomat, the Zealot, and the Wild Blundering Siege. It is the (nonfiction) behind-closed-doors account of American diplomat Philip Habib’s mission to stop the 1982 Israeli siege of Beirut. Former secretary of state George Shultz wrote the foreword. It won the 2002 American Academy of Diplomacy Book Award under its original hardcover title, Cursed is the Peacemaker.

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